About the Blog

Gadgetonomie is focused on the gadgets we all use to work on the go. This is not a “daily news” type of gadget blog, so don’t be surprised when we skip writing about Apple’s newest product launch and instead write about this tech problem we just solved, or a favorite gadget which just gave up the ghost.

This blog was conceived as an outlet for each writer’s personal experience with gadgets, . We’re not in this to get rich and famous so much as to scratch an itch.

About the Writers

Nate Hoffelder

Nate is a blogger turned web designer who used to publish an ereader blog called The Digital Reader. Ever since he sold it in the fall of 2022, Nate has been feeling the urge to write articles about gadgets.  This urge inspired him to launch a new blog called Gadgetonomie.

When it comes to gadgets, Nate uses a Lenovo laptop, an iPad from 2019, a Kindle Fire which is even older, and a cheap Motorola smartphone. He also has an extensive collection of ereaders which date from his time with The Digital Reader.

When he’s not building websites or writing about gadgets, Nate volunteers with a literacy foundation and is remodeling a house in West Virginia.

Write for Gadgetonomie!

We are currently accepting guest blog posts, yes. Our ideal post will be anywhere from 500 to 5,000 words, and should focus on solving a problem or filling a need as much as reviewing a device or explaining how to do something.

Check out the guest posting guidelines for more details. If you have a post which meets the guidelines, please feel free to contact us.